Attack by Turkey’s mercenaries kills a civilian in Manbij

The victim was a 25-year-old civilian man.

Manbij Military Council Media Center released a statement on the ongoing attacks of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries against the Manbij region as the genocidal campaign seeking northern Syria continues amid grave crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The statement said the following:

“After several failed infiltration attempts on the Sajur line north of Manbij, the so-called Euphrates Shield mercenaries returned on Sunday evening with a new attempt to infiltrate our fighters' points in the village of Catê, but our forces were vigilant and confronted that group. While one of the mercenaries was killed, the rest fled.

After the frustration of this attempt, the mercenaries targeted the village of Arab Hassan, northwest of the populated city of Manbij, with mortars and artilleries.

The attack left 25 years old civilian Hisên Elî El-Fesîh heavily wounded, who was then rushed to hospital but couldn’t be saved despite all the medical efforts.

It is noteworthy that the violations and crimes of mercenaries have increased in recent times on the front lines, which mostly target civilians and have caused a number of victims among the people in villages near the fronts.”