Autonomous Administration hands over ISIS women and children to Germany and Denmark

The Foreign Relations Office of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has handed over another group of women and children of ISIS fighters to the governments of Germany and Denmark.

According to a statement published on the website of the Foreign Relations Office of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, a German-Danish delegation consisting of German Migration Affairs Manager Kurt George Stockell, Head of the German Foreign Consulates Aid Department Manga Claes and Danish Foreign Ministry Syrian Affairs Officer Christopher Vivek arrived in North-East Syria on October 6.

Ebdulkerim Omer, co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, vice-chairs Fenar El Giêt and Ebir İlya, and Zozan Enes, YPJ Foreign Relations Office representative, welcomed the delegation.

The general situation of Syria, the political situation in North and East Syrian regions, the importance of resolving the Syrian crisis in accordance with international conventions, the importance of the Autonomous Administration's contribution to solution efforts, the constitutional committee and the political process were debated during the meeting,

Ebdulkerim Omer revealed that the Autonomous Administration is drafting a social contract for North and East Syria. “We have established a committee of 160 people who are representatives of the Autonomous Administration and civil institutions from different regions of North and East Syria, political party members, independent figures, academics, members of non-governmental organizations, youth and women's movements and experts from different peoples. After the social contract is completed, it will be submitted to the general assembly and then elections will be held,” he said.

Omer expressed that the Autonomous Administration still needs the support of the international community regarding ISIS fighters and cells. He said that ending ISIS geographically is not enough because there are still dozens of secret cells. He emphasized the importance of international cooperation in resolving the problem of ISIS detainees and their families in the Hol and Roj camps. Omer added that the Turkish state continues its violations, crimes and threats in the occupied areas.

The delegation from Germany and Denmark spoke about the health system and the activities to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in North and East Syria and the reopening of the Til Koçer Border Crossing for the delivery of humanitarian aids, medical equipment and vaccines.

“We discussed important issues such as the importance of preventing the re-emergence of ISIS in North and East Syria, and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region. Denmark supports stabilization in the region,” Christopher Vivek said.

Kurt George Stockell thanked the Autonomous Administration for its efforts to facilitate the return of German women and children and expressed that the delegation enjoyed the visit to the region.

At the end of the meeting, 37 children and 11 women linked to ISIS fighters were handed over to the German and Danish governments as part of the agreement signed between the representatives of the Autonomous Administration and the German and Danish governments.