Autonomous Administration: ISIS should be prosecuted, Turkey should withdraw

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria urged international forces and community to take more responsibility to prosecute ISIS members immediately, saying, "Turkey is using terrorists and targeting civilians."

The Co-Chairs of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria made a press statement concerning the ISIS attack on the Sinaa Prison in Heseke on January 20. The co-chairs praised the resistance of the SDF, Internal Security Forces and the people.

The co-chairs urged the relevant countries to take more responsibility for the trial of their citizens who are imprisoned ISIS mercenaries before an international court.

The statement was read out by the Autonomous Administration co-chairs Berivan Xalid and Ebid Hamid El-Mihbaş in Hesekê.


The statement includes the following:

“This success is the continuation of the legendary resistance of our heroes against terrorism. We commemorate our martyrs with respect and revere their memories. We offer our condolences to all our people, especially the families of the martyrs, and wish a quick recovery to the wounded.

In March 2019, the struggle against ISIS with the International Coalition in Baxoz became victorious. During the battles from Kobanê to Baxoz and Sinaa Prison, the SDF, YPJ and Internal Security Forces yielded 12 thousand martyrs to protect humanity, and more than 25 thousand people were injured.


Furthermore, the problem of terrorism continues ideologically in the sleeper cells of ISIS and in the regions that it had occupied for years. We continue to bear the burden of this. The Autonomous Administration keeps almost 12 thousand ISIS members in prisons. While 2,000 of them are Iraqis, 2,000 are from 50 different countries, and 5,000 are Syrians, their families, consisting of tens of thousands of people, are staying in the Hol and Roj camps. The Autonomous Administration and the SDF have maintained the security of the camps. This situation has imposed an extra burden on the Autonomous Administration. Despite this, the SDF carried out operations against ISIS and arrested many of its members.


We have declared many times in our previous statements that the foreign nationals of ISIS constitute a serious problem and concern the entire international community. The problem should be resolved under the coordination of the Autonomous Administration and international forces. Either an independent international court should be established, or they should be tried by a court officially recognized by the international community in the Autonomous Administration areas. States whose citizens are ISIS members should fulfil their responsibilities, take back, prosecute and educate their citizens, especially children and women, by reintegrating them into society. They should support the Autonomous Administration in order to save children from poor conditions. For their re-education, camps and prisons should be improved further in terms of security and humanitarian aid. Support should be continuous until the issue is resolved.


We are faced with these problems because the international community does not fulfil its responsibilities. There is a massacre in Hol Camp every single day. Incidents such as beheadings and arsons are frequently reported. On January 20, the Sinaa Prison in Hesekê was targeted. Based on a well-organized plan, nearly 200 ISIS members who came from the Turkey-occupied areas and the Iraqi border targeted the prison. The aim was to revive ISIS. They aimed to eliminate the Autonomous Administration project by causing problems among the people of the region.


The terrorists wanted to make a mess around the prison, confuse our forces and escape. Simultaneously, the fascist Turkish state and its mercenaries attacked civilians in Ain Issa. The Damascus government, Erdogan and his partners tried to take advantage of this situation. They started blaming the SDF and the Coalition Forces. They claimed that war crimes had been committed and demographic structure had been changed. Their aim was to eliminate the Autonomous Administration and support the terrorists. In the meantime, they sought to create an ethnic conflict in the region. Both sides should reconsider their dirty politics which only serve to revive terrorism. However, these plans have failed as a result of the sacrifices and efforts of our people and military forces. History repeated itself on the anniversary of the liberation of Kobanê. Terror and its supporters have lost.


For this reason, the international community and the International Coalition must work together to combat terrorism:

More support should be provided to the SDF and Internal Security Forces against ISIS terror attacks.

An international court should be established or an officially recognized international court should be established in North and East Syria. Offenders should be prosecuted, and justice should be served.

States whose citizens remain in North and East Syria should fulfil their responsibilities and return their armed citizens, women and children. Or, they should support the Autonomous Administration to improve the situation in prisons and camps. These people should get an education and participate in their own communities. Women involved in crime should be prosecuted, too.

Economic support should be provided to North and East Syria in order to improve education, health and services, and the region should be removed from the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019 so that ISIS does not manipulate those whose economic situation is bad. ISIS should be prevented from using poverty as a tool for its sleeper cells and ideological purposes.

Humanitarian aid should be increased, and the closure of the Til Koçer Border Gate should be reviewed. The aid provided by the international community through Damascus remains insufficient. The United Nations (UN) stated that it had sent 36 trucks of humanitarian aid because of the events in Hesekê. The aids are going to the Qamishlo control centre. This place is under the control of Damascus, therefore aid cannot be received.


Support should be given for the political recognition of the Autonomous Administration, and efforts should be introduced for the security of the region. The fascist Turkish state has created safe zones for terrorists in the regions it has occupied. Pressure should be put on the fascist Turkish state to withdraw its forces from the occupied areas. The Turkish state is using terrorists to destroy the security of the region, targeting civilians.

The Autonomous Administration should be supported to establish a child education centre and to improve the conditions of the people in prisons and camps.

The plans of ISIS and those who backed them in Hesekê were serious and dangerous. 121 military, security, prison personnel and civilians were martyred. What happened indicates that the International Coalition and the community should work together with the Autonomous Administration to prevent such attacks and incidents from being repeated. Thus, such incidents will not be repeated, and terrorism will be removed.


We thank all our people in Hesekê and especially the people of Xiwêran for their support to our security forces. We remember our martyrs with respect. We would like to inform that our people who had to move from the Xiwêran and Zixûr neighborhoods will return to their homes.

We salute the SDF, YPJ, Internal Security Forces, Arab tribes and all segments of our people in their fight against terrorism. Dealing with ISIS is a bad experience.

We praise all our heroic martyrs and wish the injured a quick recovery."