Autonomous Administration: Turkey could not accept the defeat of ISIS

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria said that the Turkish state has attacked the region since it did not accept the failure of the ISIS attack on the Sinaa Prison.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) released a statement concerning the ever-increasing Turkish attacks on the region after last night’s airstrikes.

The statement released on Wednesday includes the following:

“Our people have supported the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Internal Security Forces in Hesekê and prevented a resurgence of ISIS. Since the Turkish state failed to help ISIS resurge there, it has launched simultaneous airstrikes on Shehba, Shengal, Maxmur Camp and Derik.

The latest wave of attacks shows that the Turkish state is not content with the defeat of ISIS in Hesekê. Turkey wants to shatter the stability of the region and pave the way for terrorism.

We condemn these attacks and call on the International Coalition, Russia, the United Nations (UN) and all human rights institutions to halt the attacks of the Turkish state. In the meantime, we remind Russia and the United States of the ceasefire agreement we made with the Turkish state.

These attacks of the Turkish state are aimed at committing genocide. We are protesting these attacks. We will defend the gains of our people and our martyrs with a strong will.”