Autonomous Administration: UN report good but not sufficient

Co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Foreign Relations Department, Ebdulkerim Ömer said UN report important but not sufficient.

A report on war crimes carried out in Syria has been announced by the United Nations (UN) Syria Independent Investigation Commission four days ago. In the report, part of the war crimes committed by the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries in Afrin and Serêkaniyê were documented.

Evaluating the UN's report, the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Foreign Relations Department, Ebdulkerim Ömer, told ANHA that it “is important, but the commission that penned the report should take a clear stance against the Turkish state.”

Ömer stressed that these crimes cannot be handled independently of the Turkish state, given that they are perpetrated by the forces linked to it.

Stating that lawsuits should be filed in international courts in order to judge the perpetrators of the crimes mentioned in the report, Ömer said: “Issues such as the massacres in the occupied areas and the murder of politicians need to be seriously dealt with. Those responsible for the brutal murder of Hevrin Xelef, the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, should be tried by an international court”.

Ömer said that the report was not at the desired level and remained incomplete because it doesn’t list all crimes carried out by the occupiers.

Ömer reminded that everywhere in the region, from historical places to natural places and places of worship have been attacked, and added that most of them were documented by UNESCO.

The UN should take a decision against these crimes, Ömer said, but added that the reason why no decision is taken is related to international interests.

"Radical groups under the command of Turkey carry out all sorts of crimes against women. International women's organizations have condemned them. These institutions should go beyond condemnation. They should take a clear stance.”

Indeed, the international public opinion, Ömer said, preferred to remain silent about what is going on in Syria and added that this is one or the reasons why human rights violations have increased. If the UN and the international coalition had taken a clear stance, Ömer said, the Turkish state would not be able to commit such crimes. “The places where the Turkish state commits crimes are places where Kurds mostly live. Kurds are displaced. The demographic structure of the region is changing. This should be enough [for the international community] to speak out.”

The Yazidi people also live in Afrin, said Ömer who added that the Turkish state displaced the different peoples from the region in line with its plans.

Stating that the Autonomous Administration documents the rights violations committed by the Turkish state, Ömer said: "Our committees established since the invasion of the Turkish state document all rights violations and war crimes to be conveyed to the relevant parties."

The files prepared are monitored by a committee established by lawyers, Ömer said, adding: “These criminal files will be sent to international courts. We constantly strive for the international opinion to take action against the crimes of the Turkish state."

According to Ömer the Turkish state should be tried in international courts for war crimes.