Autonomous administration: Victory of civilization over darkness

On the occasion of the anniversary of the SDF’s military victory over the ISIS, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria warns of the danger over the imprisoned ISIS members.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria commended the victory over the ISIS proclaimed a year ago: "With this historic victory, the territorial rule of one of the biggest terrorist organizations in history has ended. Thousands of people have been freed from ISIS captivity. It was not only the victory of the SDF, but the common victory of all peoples, the international coalition and humanity. It was the victory of civilization over the cruelest darkness."  

The anniversary comes at a time when the ISIS became active again and was encouraged by the occupation of the Turkish state of Northern Syrian territories. The occupation has created a basis for the revival of the ISIS, the autonomy administration said and continued:

"In the prisons of the autonomous administration, thousands of ISIS members and their relatives are waiting for the opportunity to escape. This would be a danger to all humanity. The ISIS wants to reorganize with its fugitive members. These jihadists are like hand grenades with pulled pins. No one knows when or where they will explode. For this reason, international forces must be careful and support the autonomous administration.

We call on the international community to find a solution for the ISIS prisoners. This burden must not rest solely on the shoulders of the autonomous administration and its institutions. An international court must be established for these criminals. There must also be a clear project to compensate for the destruction wrought under ISIS rule."