Autonomous Administration: WHO hid coronavirus case from us

The Autonomous Administration Health Committee stated that WHO has hidden the presence of a coronavirus case in the Syria regime-controlled area.

In a written statement, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Health Committee announced that the World Health Organization (WHO) did not share information about a coronavirus case in the Syrian government-controlled area.

Referring to the World Health Organization's report that ​​a 53-year-old person died of coronavirus in the Syrian government-controlled area of Hesekê, the Health Committee provided the following information: "The report shares information that a person treated in a hospital in the region under the control of the Syrian government in Hesekê was transferred to Wetanî Hospital in Qamishlo on March 27. According to the report, the findings of the patient in question in Qamishlo were sent to Damascus and the person died on April 2. The result of the test sent to Damascus was positive but disclosed after the patient died."

Stating that the World Health Organization did not share this information with them, but they learned it from the report, the Health Committee said: "The responsible for possible new coronavirus cases in the region will be the World Health Organization, which knows well that the Syrian government does not share any information with the Autonomous Administration to counter the epidemic and decided to not share the necessary information with us."