Book pays tribute to internationalist martyrs of Rojava

Internationalists in Rojava have written a book about their martyr comrades. The book “Martyrs never die – The internationalist heroes of the Rojava Revolution”, will be translated into other languages.


A book about the internationalist martyrs of the Rojava Revolution has been published in the autonomous region of North and East Syria. “Martyrs never die – The internationalist heroes of the Rojava Revolution” was written by internationalists in the region. The book contains forewords by the YPG Command and the YPG International as well as an introduction to the history of Rojava and tells the story of 54 internationalists who died during the liberation of Kobanê, Hesekê, Raqqa and Manbij as well as in the resistance in Afrin and Serêkaniyê. The book is to be presented today, the day of remembrance for internationalist martyrs.

Work on the book began in 2022. After the English edition has already been printed and the Portuguese version has been completed, the book will also be translated into Kurdish, Arabic, German, French and Spanish. Internationalist Dîrok from Germany told ANF that the life stories described were based on information from the archives of the YPG and the YPJ as well as the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and that relatives and acquaintances of the martyrs also contributed to it.

Dîrok emphasized that one book can never be enough to honor the efforts of people from all over the world in Rojava. The book describes how the “Democratic Confederalism” model presented by Abdullah Öcalan is implemented. “This philosophy is universal. It has crossed the borders of Kurdistan and spread throughout the world. We explain this in the book. The struggle of our fallen friends is made visible. The Rojava revolution is an internationalist revolution. Hundreds of people came to Rojava from their countries to take part,” said internationalist Dîrok.