Ceremony held for 8 SDF martys in Qamishlo

A ceremony was held in Qamishlo for 8 fighters who fell martyr during the Honor Resistance. Speaking at the ceremony the martyrs' families said; "Today is the day of honor, we will win with resistance."

The families of martyrs in Qamishlo said that they sacrificed their children for the sake of clearing their territory from ISIS mercenaries.

"We fought against ISIS mercenaries coming from 80 countries and thanks to our martyrs, we liberated Syrian territory. Are we the terrorists?" the families asked.

A ceremony was held in Qamişlo for 8 SDF fighters who fell martyr during the Honor Resistance in Serêkaniyê.

The ceremony was held at Martyr Delil Saruxan Graveyard and saw the participation of the Martyrs' Families Assembly, political party representatives, civil institutions, opinion leaders, religious leaders, Autonomous Administration of Jazira region and thousands of people from Qamishlo.

Kurdistan Freedom Movement fighter Isa Hisên (Cekdar Qamishlo) was confirmed to have fallen martyr in Heften.

Hewas Miflih, uncle of martyr Ibrahim Zechariah speaking at the ceremony, said: "We fought against ISIS mercenaries from 80 countries and thanks to our martyrs, we liberated the Syrian territory. Erdogan claims that the SDF are terrorists. However, the SDF are the children of Kurdish, Arab and Syriac peoples in northern and eastern Syria. Are we the terrorists? Our martyrs sacrificed their lives for a free and honorable life based on Öcalan's philosophy."

YPJ fighter and martyr Şivan İbrahim's aunt, Rûken İbrahim said: "Today is a day of honor."

At the end of the ceremony, a member of the Martyrs' families Assembly, Rêvin Şêxmus, read the martyrs' documents to the families.

The SDF martyrs are as follows: Îbrahîm Zekeriya(Ehemed Zîb), Mihemed Xelef (Lewend Qamişlo), Mihemed Mesûd (Koran Qamişlo), Dilbirîn Hesen (Cegerxwîn), Azad Elî (Baz Qamişlo), Mihemed Mihemed (Akif) ve Özsavunma Güçleri savaşçısı Şivan Îbrahîm (Tekoşer Qamişlo).