Child injured by Turkish drone attack near Ain Issa

Turkish drone terror in north-eastern Syria is not abating. On Friday noon, a ten-year-old was injured in a drone attack on a village near Ain Issa. Another drone attack took place in Sherawa, Afrin.

Turkey continues its attacks on villages in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria unabated. On Friday, ten-year-old Xelîfe El Elî was injured in the hand in a drone strike in the village of Xalidiyê west of Ain Issa. The airstrike was carried out at 1 pm local time. The village of Seyda near Ain Issa was also bombed.

Another drone strike took place in Soxanekê village in Sherawa district of Afrin. About thirty howitzer shells hit the village of Bênê in the same district. There is no information on the consequences of the attacks.

On Tuesday, Zeki Gürbüz, MLKP representative in Rojava, and fighter Özgür Namoğlu were killed in a targeted drone attack near Hesekê. Both fighters had initially survived the attack, but later succumbed to their injuries. According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Turkey carried out 120 drone attacks and 43 airstrikes by fighter jets last year. In 2022, 263 civilians were injured in attacks in northeastern Syria, including 59 children and 44 women. 59 civilians, including 12 children and five women, were killed in the Turkish attacks. 178 SDF fighters were killed in 2022, including 95 in defence against Turkish attacks and 69 in the fight against the "Islamic State".