Children of martyrs from Manbij call to “protect children”

Call for the protection of children against the massacres of occupation forces.

Children of martyrs gathered at Manbij Cemetery of Martyrs and made a statement to the press.

Displaying photos of the children killed in the Turkish state’s genocidal attacks, the children condemned the Turkish state that killed their peers and called on international community to “protect children”.

The press statement read by Martyr Abu Amjad’s son Amjad Hamdiya said; “As the children and relatives of martyrs, we address a call, here in the sacred presence of our martyrs, to the United Nations and Arab countries to act for the protection of children. We say to the forcibly displaced children that our pain is one.”

The statement reminded all the countries that celebrate the Children’s Day of the children who were massacred in Serekaniye, Shehba and Idlib, and of the nine children who were massacred in Til Rifat, Shehba recently.

Following the statement, children of martyrs chanted slogans condemning the Turkish state’s massacre of children.