Curfew begins in North and East Syria

The curfew announced in North-East Syria due to the coronavirus started today at 6 am.

The curfew, which was announced by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in an effort to contain the global epidemic of coronavirus (Covid-19) from spreading, began today at 6 am in all North-East Syrian cities.

The Autonomous Administration decided to impose a curfew on March 19 given the spread of coronavirus in neighbouring countries.

People have been taking extra precautions before the curfew was announced, following the Autonomous Administration's advise to stay at home and avoid crowded places.

Health, public order, cleaning workers, pharmacies, sterilization committees, bakeries, markets, fuel tankers and press workers are excluded from the curfew, but need to have a permit released by the Internal Security Forces.

In cities where the controls have been intensified by the Internal Security Forces, citizens will be able to ask for support from the authorities by calling the phone numbers set for mandatory situations.