Daily balance of the war in Northern Syria

Syrian Democratic Forces said that attacks by the Turkish army on northern Syria have increased. Two SDF fighters have fallen as martyrs.

The Press Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has published its daily report on the war in Northern Syria. "The Turkish state is violating the ceasefire agreement and stepping up its attacks on northern and eastern Syria," the statement says.

SDF reports that Turkey is trying to expand its occupation zone in the vicinity of Til Temir by attacking the populated villages of Leylan and Gûzeliyê. The villages of Til al-Werd, Um al-Ishba and Til Mihemed in the vicinity of the Zirgan (Abu Rassan) town have been attacked.

In the vicinity of Ain Issa, the Turkish army continues to try to conquer the M4 international road. The villages of Xirbet Kerîm, Dibis and Xalidiyê were bombed with artillery shells. Fighters of the SDF fought back and destroyed a tank. The villages of Şêrgirat, Tibêna and Mesûdiyê were attacked with armed drones and heavy weapons. Here, too, the SDF exercised their right to self-defence.

Five members of the Turkish-backed mercenaries were killed in the fighting, six others were injured.

The SDF reported two casualties from its own ranks.