Ecological system improved in Cizire Region

Administration of the cities in Cizire Region is working for the expansion of ecological areas for the improvement of the ecological system in the region.

With the revolution in Northern Syria-Rojava, intense efforts are being made for the improvement of the ecological system in the region. In the year of 2014 when Democratic Autonomous Administration was declared in Northern Syria, protection of the nature and ecological system became the primary articles of the social contract.

For the protection of the nature and improvement of the ecological system in Cizire region, an area was declared ecological city and region in Dêrik in the first phase. To this end, Cizire Region Environmental Department launched ecological works at and around the Mashuqa dam in Tirbespiyê region. Before that, Mizgeftê dam and surroundings had been declared ecological site.

In 2015, the city administrations planted thousands of trees around Mizgeftê and Mashuqa dams as part of these efforts.

Cizire Region Environmental Department Administrative Board member Luqman Bedir stated that they want to open both ecological areas to tourism. Luqman Bedir underlined that they will always protect the water, land and forests in the region, and continue their efforts for the awareness of ecological system to be raised further.

Luqman Bedir said they are preparing to declare the Kîl Hesnak village and surroundings ecological site in the near future, adding that the Turkish state’s attacks on the region affected their projects adversely.