Emine Osê: Erdogan seeks to eliminate North-East Syria with Russian support

Emine Osê, the Deputy Co-Chair of the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria, said “Erdogan seeks to eliminate the Autonomous Administration and defeat the SDF with the support of Russia.”

The Deputy Co-Chair of the Autonomous Administration, Emine Osê, stated that the recent reconciliation talks between Turkey and Syria mediated by Russia are about how they will fight against North-East Syria together. “As the Autonomous Administration, we are mobilized politically and diplomatically against these attempts,” she said.

Emine Osê spoke to ANF about the Turkish threats to attack North-East Syria and the recent rapprochement between Turkey and Syria mediated by Russia.

Is a new invasion attack by the Turkish state possible?

The November 20 attacks started after repeated threats from the Turkish state. In the past, the Turkish state attacked with drones whenever it got a chance. It especially used the Istanbul bombing as an excuse. The attacks that followed targeted the entire infrastructure of North-East Syria, which led to serious material damage. 11 civilians were killed in an attack on the Teqil Beqil village. In fact, Turkey had a detailed plan for invasion, but it was not ready to attack from the ground.

Recently, there have been talks between Turkey, Syria and Russia. What is the main purpose of these talks, what is the common interest that brings them together?

Erdogan has been saying that he had no problem with talks with Syria, thus laying the groundwork for this end. However, it turned out that Erdogan's desire for talks was not aimed at solving the Syrian crisis. On the one hand, there are the invasion attempts. On the other hand, he tries to convince his allies. Now, he is experiencing the same thing with the Damasuc government as well. It is Russia that puts pressure on this. Russia supports Erdogan more than ever to win the elections. Russia even puts pressure on Syria for Erdogan to win. In the talks so far, Erdogan stipulates the elimination of the SDF and the Autonomous Administration. The Damascus government is concerned about when the Turkish state will leave Syrian territory and the situation of the Turkey-backed armed groups. This is an issue that the Turkish state cannot take a step back on that quickly. Turkey was planning to annex these territories to its lands and present them to the Turkish people before the upcoming elections in his country. However, Erdogan will end up very badly if he happens to negotiate over mercenaries. Undoubtedly, all Erdogan's efforts are to eliminate the Autonomous Administration and defeat the SDF with Russian support. The only subject of talks so far is how they will fight against us together.

Does such a plan have any chance of success?

The method adopted by the Turkish side offers no solution, nor is it easy. The Turkish state will not give up its ambition to invade North-East Syria. If Syria insists on Turkey’s withdrawal from the areas it has occupied, it will not be possible for their alliance to succeed. However, if Syria renounces its demands due to Russian pressure and legitimizes the invasion of the Turkish state, then there will be nothing left of Syria.

What attitude will you in the Autonomous Administration adopt?

Anyone living in North-East Syria will defend their country against attacks. To protect their achievements, they will stay in their own territories and resist. In the meantime, the SDF will confront these attacks more powerfully than in previous years. It has the power to stop them. As the Autonomous Administration, we are mobilized politically and diplomatically with all our might. All we strive for is to prevent a war. We are also ready for a second step.

Does the International Coalition have no mission there?

The current position of the International Coalition is not promising. They should express that these areas have been liberated from ISIS and that they must protect these areas unless a political solution. In this way, neither the Turkish state nor the Damascus government would dare to attack at every opportunity.