Final day of the International Forum on ISIS

The International Forum on ISIS in Northern Syria ends today

Among the speakers was Michael Rubin, fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, who will be speaking at the Forum on historical and political aspects of ISIS terrorism.

He says: “Kurdish fighters in Syria were the most effective fighting force against the Islamic State. They have earned their place at the table, and they have more credibility than others to shape the post-ISIS future. 

It’s time to stop treating the Kurds as a diplomatic football or through the lens of others. Turkey and Iran, for example, might call Kurds terrorists or repress them politically and culturally, but the Kurds of Rojava have demonstrated the emptiness of such labels.

They have built a function- ing society out of the ashes of the Syrian war, and one that could thrive if the international community lifts embargoes and sanctions. 

Are there problems in Rojava? Certainly. But even against the worst repression and existential struggle, Rojava has demonstrated what is possible when regional governments seek to build rather than destroy.”