Four members of Internal Security Forces killed in Turkish drone attack in Ain Issa

A Turkish drone attacked a vehicle belonging to internal security forces near the Til Semin IDP camp near Ain Issa. Four members of the security forces were killed.

A Turkish killer drone attacked a vehicle belonging to the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria near the Til Semin refugee camp near Ain Issa on Thursday morning. The camp houses displaced people from the Turkish occupied zone around Girê Spî. Internal security forces announced that four of their members were killed in the attack.

"Silence of the international community enables the attacks"

A statement on the attack said, "Armed drones attacked our forces in Ain Issa this morning. Four of our members were killed in the attack." The victims were identified as Beşar Mihemed Elî Bozan, Cîhan Mihemed Mistefa, Sara Mihemed El-Hisên and Selma Elî Mistefa.

The Internal Security Forces stated: "The Turkish state continues its attacks because the international community is silent about the attacks on our regions. This attack will not stop us from defending our people. We will continue to make great sacrifices for this."

Only on Wednesday, a 21-year-old civilian injured in a Turkish artillery attack near Ain Issa the previous day died. Two other people were injured in the attack.