Four young people kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Gire Spi

The invading Turkish army and its mercenaries continue to spread terror in the territories they have invaded in North and East Syria.

More reports are coming through of crimes committed by the Turkish army and allied mercenaries in the regions they have occupied in North-East Syria in violation of international law. Bombing of civilian settlements, murder, torture, and abduction have become routine in the occupied areas.

According to reports from the ground, the occupation forces stormed the village of Ali Bajiliyah in Turkish-occupied Gire Spi (Tal Abyad).

Four young people, identified as Mihemed El-Elo, Mistefa El-Erar, Îsa El-Şewax and high school student Hesen El-Osman, were kidnapped by the invaders.

Reports say that Mihemed El-Elo was kidnapped by the occupiers last year and released in return for a ransom of 2 million Syrian lira.

The Turkish state has established a regime of terror in the territories it has invaded together with jihadist groups under its control. Crimes such as kidnapping, execution, torture, plundering and forced migration have become a daily routine and war crimes are systematically committed, especially in the canton of Afrin, which has been occupied since March 2018.

Kidnappings of civilians are part of the daily routine. In most cases, a ransom is demanded for their release. In recent years, thousands of people have been kidnapped and tortured. Some have been executed, the fate of others is unknown.