Foza Yusif: Turkey used napalm and phosphorous against civilians

TEV-DEM Executive Board Member Foza Yusif pointed out that the Turkish state committed many war crimes during the invasion attacks against Rojava.

TEV-DEM Executive Board Member Foza Yusif said: "White phosphorus and napalm were used by Turkey in its attacks. We prepared reports and established commissions."

Yusif spoke to Jin TV about the Turkish state attacks against Rojava and said that the ceasefire agreement was taken by both the Autonomous Administration and the SDF as a step to stop the war and genocide.

Yusif noted that the Democratic Autonomous Administration has always preferred to deal with the problems through dialogue. "But the Turkish state has always preferred war."

Yusif added: "In both Til Abyad and Serêkaniyê many civilians have been killed and Turkey has been guilty of war crimes. Such a step [the ceasefire agreement] was taken to stop all this. Although there was no belief that the Turkish side would implement the agreement, we did. Although the SDF and the Autonomous Administration have fulfilled the requirements, the Turkish state and its mercenaries started to attack in less than an hour from the beginning of the ceasefire and the attacks have not stopped."

Yusif continued: "Under the name of the ceasefire, the Turkish state wanted to camouflage attacks against civilians. They wanted to alleviate and frustrate the pressure put by Trump on the part of both the US and the world public. We have seen very hard reactions against Erdogan and Turkey. An international decision was also reached, but an approach was taken to weaken those reactions. So far, the war has not been stopped."

ISIS operating under another name

Reminding that the people were forced to migrate because of the war, Yusif said: "The people who migrated were placed in other areas. To address the needed of hundreds of thousands, camps are being created for the people coming from both Til Abyad and Serêkaniyê."

Yusif said: "The statement made by Trump offered Turkey support to continue on its ethnic cleansing operation. Our people should be able to return to their homes and places on the basis of international guarantee. Otherwise ethnic cleansing will turn into genocide. The weapons Erdogan uses against women and children have been disclosed. There's a human catastrophe going on. Mercenaries should be withdrawn from those areas under the discussed agreement. ISIS operates under a different name. The Turkish army and the mercenaries are organized like ISIS. At the moment there is an ISIS-like group operating in Serêkaniyê. They declared everyone as an enemy, especially the Kurds, who fought against them. They burn people's houses. They confiscated many houses and settled there."

Yusif added: "Genocide and ethnic cleansing began after the SDF forces withdrew. Let the mediating forces go and see what is happening in Serêkaniyê with their own eyes. A lot of war crimes have been committed since day one. White phosphorus and napalm have been used, and executions were also carried out. We prepared reports and established commissions. These commissions will file the necessary complaints."