Foza Yûsif: Turkey uses ISIS in areas it cannot act itself

PYD board member Foza Yûsif said that the Turkish state uses ISIS in areas where it cannot become active itself. Turkey is behind the ISIS activities in Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and other places in northern and eastern Syria.

There is a pattern that can be observed again and again: the Turkish army attacks Rojava and, at the same time, ISIS cells become active and carry out attacks. Captured ISIS jihadists repeatedly report on their cooperation with the Turkish secret service MIT. In the last wave of Turkish attacks, which began in November, the Turkish air force bombed prisons to allow ISIS prisoners held there to escape.

PYD board member Foza Yûsif spoke to Mezopotamya news agency (MA) about the current developments and further impending attacks.

Yûsif said: "With the increase in Turkish attacks, the Islamic State has also mobilized. Current information confirms the cooperation between ISIS and MIT. The Turkish state uses ISIS in places where it cannot be active itself. We saw that ISIS has been active in Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and many other places lately. It activated his cells in areas like Til Hemis and Til Berak. It is clear that Turkey and ISIS are conducting their operations in parallel. The Turkish state is attacking from the air while ISIS deploys its sleeper cells.”

Meetings take place under pressure from Russia

Yûsif also commented on the talks between the Assad regime and Turkey under Russian auspices. She emphasized that the current rapprochement is not taking place on the initiative of Syria, but under pressure from Russia. The regime knows very well that the Turkish side is using the talks primarily in its own election campaign and is not even thinking of leaving the occupied territories. The PYD politician said: “Erdoğan has no intention of leaving the occupied territories. That is why the Syrian government is not pushing for these talks. Russia, in turn, is tied to Turkey because of the Ukraine war. It therefore wants to activate and advance the talks. In my opinion, these talks will not easily lead to results. As long as the Turkish state does not leave the occupied territories, the government in Damascus will simply not accept Turkey's conditions. That doesn't mean there won't be steps in other areas. In our opinion, under Russian pressure, Syria will take small steps, but as long as the occupation lasts, the Syrian government will not agree to any agreements on strategic issues.”

Attitude of the Autonomous Administration is clear

Foza Yûsif said that Russia wants the regime to return to the Autonomous Administration areas with all its institutions and forces. That should be achieved with pressure from Turkey. Yûsif added: “Russia wants the areas under the Autonomous Administration to be again in the hands of Damascus. The position of the Autonomous Administration and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) is clear: If no lasting political solution is found and the rights of all peoples are not guaranteed by a democratic constitution, the self-government will not accept any compromise."

"Ground attack not unlikely, because Erdoğan needs a win"

Yûsif said that a Turkish ground attack is possible because "Erdoğan is now in a very difficult situation. He will do anything to win the elections. Therefore, an invasion is not unlikely. Erdoğan needs a win. He believes that if he attacks us he will gain the support of nationalist circles. Of course, such a war will not resemble the war in Afrin or Serêkanîyê. It will be a struggle for survival for us, in every respect. We are not in a situation where we can take a step back. Everyone has to take that into account. We have no choice but to win. It would become a fateful war for us. This is our approach. We hope nobody gets the wrong idea.”

Autonomous Administration is ready

Yûsif underlined that the Autonomous Administration is prepared militarily, politically, diplomatically, socially and economically and is considering all possibilities. The PYD politician added: “The Autonomous Administration is ready to resist all attacks. You can clearly see that in people's attitudes. Many thought that during the attacks people would flee towards the borders, but the population has strongly supported the Autonomous Administration and thwarted all plans.”