Gangs demand $25,000 ransom from the family of a teenager they kidnapped in Afrin

The gangs of the Turkish state kidnapped a young man named Reşîd Semîr Elî in Jindires district of Afrin and demanded a ransom of 25 thousand dollars from his family to release him.

Reşîd Semîr Elî, 24, who lives in Kora village in Jindires district of Afrin, was kidnapped by the gangs affiliated with the Turkish state while returning to his village yesterday (28 June). A ransom of 25 thousand dollars was demanded from the family of the kidnapped young man in return for his release. Local sources in Afrin claimed that the gang group named "Nûredîn El Zenkî" affiliated to the Turkish state was responsible for this incident. 

On the other hand, Nîdal Mihemed was battered by the refugees settled in Afrin after the occupation. According to reports, Nîdal Mihemed, who comes from Bilbilê district, was injured in the head as a result of the attack.

Afrin occupied since 2018

The Turkish state established a complete terror regime in Afrin, which it occupied in 2018. Kidnapping, torture, execution, extortion and plunder have become daily crimes.

By documenting human rights violations and abductions by the Turkish army and its gangs in Afrin, the Violations Documentation Centre is trying to draw the attention of the international community to these inhumane acts. The report highlights the fact that abductees are often held arbitrarily and forcibly, and points to the deteriorating security situation in Afrin.

According to the Crime Documentation Centre, at least 28 people were abducted in April. According to the same source, at least 435 people were abducted in Afrin in 2023. Among them are children and 180 patients.