Girê Spi Canton Council co-chair: Everyone must stand against Turkey's attacks

Girê Spi Canton Council co-chair, Sebrî Nebo, said that all peoples must stand against the invading aggression of the Turkish state to defend a free society, democracy, security and stability of the region.

Girê Spi Canton Council co-chair Sebrî Nebo said that the Turkish state aims at genocide and intimidation against the people of the region with its new attacks.

Speaking to ANF, Sebri Nebo stated that the Turkish state is not alone in these attacks as it took the KDP by its side and added: “Of course, these attacks are not only against South Kurdistan. We consider it a genocidal war against the peoples of the region. It is not only against the Kurdish people, but against all the people of the region. At the same time, the Turkish state attacks are taking place in many areas of North-East Syria. Turkey wants to expand its occupied areas."

Stating that the Iraqi forces' attack on Shengal is an indication that Iraq is also involved in this conspiracy, Sebri Nebo continued: "A wall is being built between Shengal and Rojava. An embargo has been imposed on Shehba and Şêxmeqsûd by the Damascus government. In this way, the people of Rojava will be completely encircled and a policy of starvation will be implemented.”

Nebo said that the Kurdish people gave tens of thousands of martyrs for their achievements and that they should protect them, adding that "the Turkish government has collapsed economically, politically and socially. Erdogan is once again trying to win the elections and deceive the people. For a free society, democracy, security and stability of the region, all peoples must oppose these attacks."