Gire Spi’s youth: We won’t allow Turkish invasion

Gire Spi’s Arab, Kurdish and Armenian youth say they are preparing for the threat of a Turkish state invasion and that they won’t allow it.

The Turkish state continues to threaten Rojava-Northern and Eastern Syria with an invasion under the guise of a “safe zone”. The peoples of the region also continue their preparations.

The Turkish state has been deploying military equipment along the border across from Gire Spi, where the people continue their human shield action.

Kurdish, Arab and Armenian youth in Gire Spi said they will never accept the Turkish state invasion and that they will resist to the end.

Young activists spoke to the ANF and said Turkey is trying to cause divisions among people to achieve results but they stand united against the invasion.


Armenian Kokeb Merciyan said their city used to be under ISIS occupation, when peoples of the region and Armenians in particular suffered greatly. The community was not even allowed a church.

Merciyan said: “We lived under a great tyranny. But in these last few years, we found peace. Now the Turkish state threatens to invade us. But we do not accept this invasion, and we will resist. We will not allow it.”


Young Arab woman Nofe Heci said they have made preparations against the invasion:

“We as the peoples of the region resist here. Erdogan has his sight set on our lands, but we are here against that, in a human shield action. We will not allow our lands to be invaded again. Women and all the citizens will defend our lands, our honor and our city. We as the young women and all the youth are preparing to resist. We will not accept the invasion. Turkey wants to divide us but we stand united against the invasion.”


Kurdish Ferhan Mistefa from Gire Spi said they won’t accept the invasion and they will resist: “The Turkish state is looking for an excuse to invade our lands. But we do not accept this invasion. The Turkish state wants to create conflict among locals to destroy the will here. They want to impose their singular worldview. But as the youth of the region, we want everyone to know that we will not accept the invasion and we will resist to the end.”