HDP: Kobanê is the symbol of the struggle of the peoples

The HDP condemns the Turkish attacks on Rojava and the nationalist incitement spread through mosques in Turkey as part of psychological warfare.

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) accuses the Turkish government of war crimes in Kobanê. A written statement by the party's executive board also condemns psychological warfare. On Tuesday evening, the Turkish army's invasion of Syria was announced over loudspeakers from mosques in the province of Gaziantep. The HDP speaks of "nationalist agitation" and "spiritual darkness" and warns of the fatal consequences of the war policy of the AKP/MHP coalition.

The statement said: "We have learned with regret that a child named Ebid Mihemed Heci (12) was killed in yesterday's Turkish attacks on the city centre and villages of Kobanê and that there are three injured, including a child, who are in a critical condition. The İMAGES released clearly show that war crimes have been committed.

Especially after the Tehran summit in July and the Sochi summit in early August, Rojava has been systematically attacked. The media reports many simultaneous attacks every day from Qamişlo to Hesekê and from Manbij to Tirbespiyê. In early August alone, seven people, including two children, lost their lives and 17 people, including ten children and three women, were injured."

Fight against ISIS: The facts are twisted

Because Turkey has never been held accountable for its massacres of civilians, such crimes are likely to continue indefinitely, the HDP noted: "All these attacks strengthen the barbarity of ISIS, which is trying to consolidate its current position in Iraq and especially in Syria. Those who claim to be fighting ISIS are distorting the truth and attacking those who are really fighting the ISIS. Last week, the Turkish Foreign Minister said: 'There must be a lasting peace in Syria." Today, however, attacks are being carried out everywhere. Can a lasting peace be achieved by bombing houses? “

There is no justification for attacks on civilians

“There is no explanation for the bombing of civilian areas and cities where hundreds of thousands of people live. There is no more cover to hide the government's hostility towards the Kurds. It is clear that these attacks against Rojava are to open the space for a dirty migration policy. Last night, as part of the special warfare, war announcements were passed from the mosques in the Karkamis region of Gaziantep and news of an 'invasion of Syria' was spread by Turkish and Russian agencies. This spiritual darkness must end. Turkish society doesn't need war announcements, nationalist racist provocations, there is no need for that."

No to war and occupation

The HDP called on the opposition in Turkey not to be drawn into the government's war policy, but to stand against it for the future of the country and a democratic Turkey: “The rhetoric and the machinations of lies of this government, which sets fire everywhere for its own narrow interests and seeks its political survival in the politics of war, must be questioned. We appeal to all political parties and social forces that say 'No to war and occupation'.”

Kobanê is the pride of the peoples

The HDP statement concluded: “Kobanê is the pride and symbol of the struggle of the peoples and democracy in the world. The silence of the international powers on these attacks against the Kurds in Kobanê is shameful for all the peoples of the world. Russia's behaviour is food for thought. The guarantor states in the region must fulfil their responsibilities as soon as possible. All should know that these attacks complicate a possible solution to the war in Syria, which has been going on for decades, and bring new risks."