HPG disclose identities of 3 guerrillas fallen in Van

The HPG Press Center disclosed the identities of three guerrillas who fell martyrs in Van on 2 July. "Our comrades Welat, Kendal and Azad fought heroically with the invading Turkish army writing their names in history."

The HPG Press Center released a statement disclosing the identity information of 3 guerrillas who fell in Van on 2 July.

“In our statement dated 13 July, we shared with the public the information that our friends Azad, Kendal and Welat had fallen martyrs during clashes between our forces and the enemy in the occupation operation launched by the invading Turkish army in the Axula area of Gürpınar, province of Van on 2 July. The identities of our friends are as follows:


      Nom de Guerre: Azad Serhat

      Name Surname: Tahsin Genez

      Place of Birth: Van

      Mother's-Father's Name: Harbiye - Halis

      Martyrdom Date and Place: 2 July 2020 / Van


      Nom de Guerre: Kendal Ibrahim

      Name Surname: Ilyas Duran

      Place of Birth: Hakkari

      Mother's-Father's Name: Xeme - Kutbettin

      Martyrdom Date and Place: 2 July 2020 / Van


      Nom de Guerre: Welat Malazgirt

      Name Surname: Fırat Gören

      Birth Place: Muş

      Mother - Father Name: Kudret - Ali

      Martyrdom Date and Place: 2 July 2020 / Van


Our comrades Welat, Kendal and Azad, each from different regions of Kurdistan, have grown up with patriotism and have always felt the occupation and the persecution of the Kurdish people being carried out on Kurdistan.

Our comrades, who saw the reality of occupation and exploitation, joined the ranks of the Freedom Struggle, the only way to victory.

In a short time, they managed to become professional guerrillas and made great efforts to be at the forefront of resistance positions. They have been on the resistance front in Botan for many years.

They have fulfilled all their duties and responsibilities with great success and inspired all their comrades with their humble and combative stance in life.”