HRE: 2 terrorists killed, 9 others wounded in Azaz

HRE fighters continue inflicting blows on the occupation forces in northern Syria.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement announcing the details of an action carried out by their units against occupation forces in Azaz city.

According to the statement, HRE fighters targeted a vehicle of so-called police affiliated to the Turkish-backed terrorists in the village of Kafr Kilbin in Azaz region on August 27. The targeted group was participating in the military dispatchment to the north of Aleppo. While the vehicle was destroyed, 2 terrorists in it were killed and 9 others wounded.

HRE reported that again on August 27, the Turkish army and allied mercenaries attacked the villages of Merenaz, Milikiye and Alqamiya villages in Afrin‘s Shera district. The bombardment, carried out with heavy weapons and as many as 40 mortar shells, caused material damage for the people living in the region.