HRE announces the balance sheet of conflict for 10 days

HRE announced the details of the actions carried out in Afrin region from August 1st to 10th.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement announcing the details of the actions carried out by their fighters in Afrin region in 10 days.

The statement said the following;

“With our actions targeting the Turkish invasion army and gangs under their command, the occupation forces, who aim to destroy the values and geography of our people through increased attacks, have been inflicted major blows in the month of August.

Our units of resistance will intensify their effective actions in Afrin where numerous gang groups impose their own laws and trample on international law and universal norms of human rights with acts of execution and disappearance against civilians.

The unity formed by our people and the patriotic youth around resistance, has turned our fight against invasion into efficient actions. From Shehba to Aleppo, our people have made resistance into the nature of their lives under the most challenging conditions. This fight of resistance will grow and develop further, and bring the invasion in Afrin to an end. Our actions of the past 10 days have been the most concrete and impressive proof of this. In this scope, we announce the results of our actions to our people and the public opinion;

14 actions, including 7 confrontation

An attack attempt of the invaders was repelled by our forces

Attacks with heavy weapons: 9

Attack with unmanned aerial vehicles: 1

Aerial activity: 5 (including 4 with UAVs and 1 with helicopters)

Losses suffered by the invaders: 72 terrorists (including 10 Turkish soldiers and 62 mercenaries)

Injuries suffered by the invaders: 19 terrorists (including 8 Turkish soldiers, 2 of them officers, and 11 mercenaries)

Military vehicles destroyed: 1 tank, 4 antiaircraft weapon mounted vehicles, 2 motorbikes, 1 construction equipment

Ammunition seized: 9 AK-47’s, 2 PKM’s, 1 B-7, 1 sniper rifle, 1 night vision glasses, 1 thermal binoculars, 20 AK-47 magazines, 6 assault vests, numerous PKM bullets, 2 phones, 4 B-7 rockets, 2 kit bags, a number of documents and ID cards.

One of our comrades fell a martyr.

5 members of a family were injured by the artillery attack carried out on the village of Soxanekê in Afrin’s Sherawa district on August 9.”