Idlib refugees: People pay the price for international conflicts

Displaced people of Idlib take refuge in the areas under SDF control.

While the conflict between the occupant Turkish state and the Syrian regime in Idlib continues, people pay the price of the battle between two despotic rules engaged in power struggle.

Leaving behind everything they have and running for their lives, civilians from Idlib take refugee in the SDF-controlled areas under the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.


26 years old Malik Absî al-Abras left his village, al-Rami which is located in the region of Mount Zawiya in Idlib. “We had to leave because of uninterrupted attacks targeting our living areas. We started to search for a safe place and we came to the SDF-held areas which are the safest regions. Our home has become a battlefield and a fireball. People are paying the price of war.”


Al-Abras tells that the Turkish state has closed its borders to the people who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict in the Idlib region. He says that numerous people are trying to cross the border secretly and pay the Turkish-backed mercenaries 250,000 Syrian liras to be able to pass their checkpoints. He notes that Turkish forces shoot those who move towards the border.

32 years old Ehmed Mihemed who has also left his home in Idlib countrysidee,tells; “We had to flee without being able to take anything with us. We were detained by the mercenaries in Azaz for three days. They would not release us as we didn’t have money. Once we fled from them, we rushed to the areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration.”