Ilham Ehmed: "We must be prepared for all types of attacks, plans and changes"

The Jazira Region Legislative Assembly held its 6th annual meeting. Speaking at the meeting, MSD Executive Council President Ilham Ehmed said: "We must be prepared for all types of attacks, plans and changes."

The Jazira Region Legislative Assembly held its 6th annual meeting in Amude.

Ilham Ehmed, chair of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), evaluated the political developments and crises in the world.

Ehmed said that the crises, especially natural events and diseases, had great effects on the Middle East and Syria, and added that the developments in the field of industry caused damage to nature.

Referring to the policies of the US in the region, Ehmed said: “The US is the leading force in the global system. Russia, which was weakened in the Trump era and wanted to restore its power under Joe Biden, is also imposing its hegemony by spreading its forces around the world in this race to lead the global system.”

Referring to the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan, Ehmed said: “The US acts according to its interests. The situation in Syria and Afghanistan is different. The basis of the Autonomous Administration is the people. This administration serves and defends the people. We must be conscious of the policies of the US."

Ehmed drew attention to the difficult conditions in the Northern and Eastern Syria regions after the US withdrawal from some regions, and the attacks of the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries, and added: “Despite the difficult conditions, the Autonomous Administration continued to serve the people. This shows the United States and the world that this administration is a real institution."

Ehmed said that the Northern and Eastern Syrian regions have gone through tough tests and added: “The US has withdrawn from the region before. After its withdrawal, it saw that even when the region faced the attacks of the invading Turkish state and NATO, the administration continued its work and protected the people. We must be ready for all types of attacks and plans. The intra-Syrian agreement is an important strategic alternative for the cessation of foreign interventions and for the internal affairs of the region.”

Speaking about the efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis in the international arena, Ehmed said: “Political work has completely stopped. The reason for this is international agreements. They put the Syria file of no importance. Therefore, no agreement can be reached.”

Ehmed added that the latest attacks by the Turkish state mean that Russia has made concessions to the Turkish state.

Referring to the attempts to initiate dialogues with the Damascus government, Ehmed said: “We continue to put pressure on the United States to support the Autonomous Administration. In addition, diplomatic work on this issue has increased recently."