Injured journalist: We are not intimidated by the invasion forces

One of the journalists injured in Serêkaniyê on 13 October was Mehmet Ekinci. He told ANF he is not intimidated by the invasion forces.

The Turkish state bombed a civilian convoy heading from Cizirê to Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) on Sunday. Twelve civilians were killed in the attack, 73 others, eight of them journalists, were injured.

ANHA correspondent Seed Ehmed and the correspondent of the television channel Çira TV, Mihemed Hisen Reşo, were killed. The injured journalists include ANF correspondent Ersin Çaksu, Emre Yunis of Stêrk TV, Dilsoz Dildar of North Press, freelance journalists Bircan Yıldız, Rojbin Ekin, Abdreşid Mihemed Mihemed, Rudaw correspondent Hûner Ehmed, and ANHA correspondent Mehmet Ekici. We talked to Ekinci about the attack.

"On this day we were there to film the people who arrived in the city to morally support the resistance of the people of Serêkaniyê and the SDF fighters. The convoy had not reached the city when the Turkish planes bombed it between 3 and 4 pm," Ekici told.

The aim of the Turkish state is to expel the population through massacres and invasions, said Ekinci and added; “This happened before the eyes of the whole world, Erdoğan was given the green light. That was a shame, especially for the forces that allowed these attacks.”

Ekinci stressed that the Turkish state could act as cruelly as it wanted yet he would not be intimidated and continue to bring the truth to the public as a journalist.