Internal Security Forces: Qamishlo bombs ordered from Turkey

In parallel with the invading attacks launched by the Turkish state on 9 October 2019, bomb attacks increased in the cities of North-East Syria.

The last attack was carried out in Qamishlo, where two bombs exploded on 11 November. According to Autonomous Administration officials, the Turkish state is behind the explosions.

Bedih Huso, Press Officer of the Cizire District of North and East Syrian Homeland Security Forces, said that the two explosions that took place in Qamishlo were coordinated and the third explosion was caused by the first explosion.

"The first of these was carried out with explosive loaded on a vehicle in El Wehde Street.  - said Huso - On the spot where the first explosion took place, another vehicle got on fire and exploded.

The second explosion took place in front of the Qadisiye school, in front of the Al-Şimû Cafe and the Chaldean Church. There was only material damage here, but this was an area full of civilians and no military force. Five people died in the first explosion, 26 people were injured."

The Internal Security Force press officer said: "Our friends have viewed images of street cameras after the explosion. The person who carried out the explosion were identified as Ahmet Casim Mustafa and subsequently detained. Examination of the telephone records shows that Ahmet Casim Mustafa has taken order to carry out the explosion from a person living in Turkey. This person told Ahmet Casim where to carry out the explosions."

Huso confirmed that attacks have increased following the Turkish occupation. "Civilians are targeted not only military personnel. Explosions are mostly carried out in civilian areas. The authors of the attacks are trying to force people to leave their houses. Yesterday (Tuesday, November 12) and the day before, our friends identified and neutralized motorcycles loaded with explosive in Hesekê and Şeddade. Both were ready to explode. They were both parked near the market."

Huso reminded that most of the ISIS members detained by the Northern and Eastern Syria forces have admitted to have been trained and organised by Turkey. "The mercenaries we detained are saying they are receiving orders and intelligence from Turkey. We have reached the conclusion that almost all of the explosions carried out in our region were developed in connection with the Turkish army and intelligence."

Huso called on people to report to the Internat Security Forces "anything they deem as suspicious. As Internat Security Forces, we patrol the city 24 hours a day."