Internal Security Forces release identity of fighter martyred in Jazira

The Headquarters of the Internal Security Forces announced that one of its members fell a martyr in the Jazira Region.

In a written statement, the Headquarters of the Internal Security Forces said: "Martyr Macid Ebdullah fell on 18 April while carrying out his defense duty."

The statement added: "As the Internal Security Forces, we offer our condolences to the martyr's family. We promise that we will follow the path of the martyrs until we ensure security and stability in all regions of Northern and Eastern Syria."

The Internal Security Forces gave the martyr's identity information as follows:

Name: Majid Abdullah

Father's name: Newaf

Mother's name: Seide

Place and date of joining: Çilaxa, 6-5-2020

Place and date of martyrdom: Çilaxa, 18-4-2022