Internal Security forces remove the NDF position in Qamishlo

The fighting between the Internal Security Forces and Syrian regime affiliated Difa al-Watani group has ended after the removal of the checkpoint the mentioned paramilitary elements wanted to build in the Hêlko neighborhood.

In Qamishlo city in northern Syria, clashes have broken out earlier today between forces of internal security (Asayish) and mercenaries of the "National Defence Forces" (NDF, also Difa al-Watani) which is affiliated to the Syrian regime.

The paramilitary group which has recently engaged in provocations against the security forces in Rojava region, has today entered the Meqasim area in Hêlko neighborhood of Qamishlo to build a checkpoint in the mentioned buffer area.

The fighting is concentrated at checkpoints in the Hêlko neighborhood in the south of the city, which are controlled by the internal security forces. In the immediate vicinity is the security zone controlled by the regime, which marks the border with the autonomous area. Apparently, the NDF is trying to take over the checkpoints in the autonomous area.

The ensuing fighting between the two forces came to an end after the involvement of the Syrian regime forces which assured the withdrawal of the group from the area.

With construction equipment, the Internal Security forces then removed the checkpoint the paramilitary group wanted to build in the area, bringing the tensions in the city to an end.

Provocations by the regime

Today's attack is part of a campaign of provocations by the Assad regime. Two days ago, an explosion occurred on the grounds of the NDF quarter in the al-Tay district near the airport. Immediately after the detonation, NDF militia fired shots at Asayish positions in Qamishlo.

A similar incident had occurred at the beginning of last week. Members of the NDF had thrown hand grenades at an Asayish checkpoint on the edge of the regime-controlled zone. This was followed by a brief exchange of fire. No one was injured, only property damage was caused.