International Freedom Battalion: Defend the Rojava Revolution

The Internationalist Freedom Battalion, made up of numerous groups and peoples, called for the defense of the Rojava revolution.

In a statement the Internationalist Freedom Battalion said: "The Rojava revolution has broken the balance of power of all neighboring countries, beginning with Turkey."

The statement continued: "The revolutionaries of the world have accepted the defense of the Rojava revolution. We are the ones who confront the brutal attacks of ISIS mercenaries."

The statement added: "We, the people living in Kurdistan who have carried out the Rojava revolution, workers of all nations, oppressed, women, Internationalist revolutionaries who fought under the banner of YPG-YPJ, we promised those fell before us, to defend the values they fought for. We are Spanish, Germans, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Armenians, Laz, Circassians, Albanians…"

The International Freedom Battalion urged everyone to defend the Rojava revolution.