Internationalist fighter: It is honor to support the YPG/YPJ

Defining the support for the Turkish state that provides gangs with NATO weapons and sets ISIS loose on Rojava, as a shame, internationalist fighter Serhat Tiqqun said they expected the world peoples to take concrete steps for Rojava.

Internationalist fighter Serhat Tiqqun in the ranks of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) spoke to ANF on the Turkish state’s genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria enjoying the silence and inaction of the international community.

Having been a part of the autonomous movement Nantes Révoltée before his journey to Rojava, Serhat Tiqqun has been fighting against the ISIS in the ranks of the YPG for three years now.

Serhat, who has also taken part in the resistance in Serekaniye (Ras al-Ain), recalled that over 10,000 fighters of the YPG/YPJ and SDF have fallen as martyrs to achieve peace in the region, telling; “I have been fighting in the YPG ranks in Rojava for three years. I have also fought alongside the Turkish revolutionary movements that organized militarily and politically. During this period of time, I have seen how the peoples of Rojava have struggled for the revolution.”

Stressing that the fight against ISIS would have never succeeded if it weren’t for the YPG/YPJ, Serhat said it was honor to support the YPG and YPJ.

“Supporting these forces against Turkish invasion is a matter of honor for those living in Europe, North America and all around the world”.


Serhat Tiqqun remarked that YPG/YPJ shouldn’t be considered just a military force fighting against ISIS fascism, adding; “YPG and YPJ are a revolutionary force that promise future. Equality between communities and the Democratic Confederalism project is not a dream. This is the most ideal way for the establishment of democracy and a lasting peace in the Middle East. It is indeed a crime to deny support for this project; a crime against the peoples of the Middle East and all humanity.”


Serhat Tiqqun pointed out that the Turkish state was trying to sow seeds of barbarity in the lands that were liberated with great sacrifices.

“This shouldn’t be allowed. This is not the duty of revolutionary militants alone. Every human considering himself to be a good person should fight against it.”


Recalling that many internationalist fighters have been martyred in the fight against ISIS so far, Serhat Tiqqun told the following; “We have martyrs in Serekaniye. A comrade of ours and 8 other fighters fell as martyrs in Turkey’s air raids on the region. Our commander and comrade Ceren Güneş also fell a martyr. The dreams of martyrs can only be realized through keeping their struggle going. Thinking of our comrades, we only want to carry on their struggle at the highest rank.”


Stressing that Turkish occupation created a chaotic situation in the region, Tiqqun said the following; “Those attacking us include various ‘radical Islamist’ gangs. This must be understood clearly. It is the Turkish state that gathers these gangs together and organizes them. These are jihadist mercenaries. The so-called Syrian National Army established by Turkey involves hundreds of former ISIS members. Some of them fought in Idlib and Afrin and became involved in all kind of crimes against humanity committed in the region, such as massacre, looting and rape. These fascists must be destroyed militarily and politically.”


The internationalist fighter pointed out that the Turkish state provided these mercenaries with weapons and military supplies it received from NATO, adding; “The sensitive circles in Europe should get organized in a way to affect the policies of their states. The hegemonic states seem to have decided to leave Rojava alone without providing any support, which is shameful. All the peoples of the world should take concrete steps for Rojava.”