Invaders kidnap two children in Afrin

Invading forces kidnapped children in Afrin and demanded a ransom from their families in exchange for their release.

Two children were kidnapped by gangs linked to the Turkish state in the Chavkaniyan hamlet in Afrin’s Sherawa district.

The invaders are said to have asked for a ransom from their families in exchange for the children's release.

The kidnapped children were identified as Zeyneb Elî Xelîl (7) and Îbrahim Ehmed Îbrahim (9). It's unclear where and under what conditions they are held.

On March 29, the invaders abducted Ebdo Semir Necar, a young man from the village of Qîbarê.

In all of the places it has invaded, the Turkish state has established a terror and mercenary government, particularly in Afrin, which has been occupied since March 2018. Kidnapping, execution, torture, looting, and forced abduction have become commonplace in the city, which has methodically transformed into a war crimes center.