ISIS member: We killed a refugee and prepared 107 intelligence reports in Hol Camp

An ISIS member captured during the Humanitarian and Security Operation admits crimes, including the murder of Ala Ehmed.

North and East Syrian Internal Security Forces announced that they have captured more than 70 ISIS members who reorganized in secret cells inside the Hol Camp.

In a joint effort with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and People’s and Women's Defense Units (YPG-YPJ), the North and East Syrian Internal Security Forces launched the Humanitarian and Security Operation on March 28 to eliminate the influence of ISIS and its cells in the camp.

ANHA published the confessions of a gang member who was captured in the camp on the 2nd day of the operation. Ebu Îbrahîm is a member of a cell which is dubbed Ebu El Welîd.

Ebu Îbrahîm also known as Husam Talib Feyad is from the Iraqi town of Fallujah. He joined ISIS in 2014 and worked at checkpoints between Anbar and Al Qaêm.

Husam Talib Feyad came to the city of Sûse in the east of Deir ez-Zor in 2017 and left ISIS. He then moved to the Hol Camp as a refugee in 2019 after the SDF forces advanced to areas under ISIS control.

Husema Feyad joined ISIS once again in 2019 through a gang member named Merwan Hemûd (Ebû Cinêd) and started to work for ISIS cells in the Hol Camp.

Feyad was responsible for the murders organized by Ebu El Welid cell in the camp. In the meantime, he was collecting information for Ebu El Welîd and Ebû Ekrem cells.

Ebu El Welîd cell consists of 4 gang members. Mersûm Mihemed (Ebû El Welîd) is the gang leader of the cell. Ebdulselam Qadir (Ebû Hesen), Merwan Hemîd Şiwêhî (Ebû Cinêd) and Husam Feyad are the other members of the cell.

Husam Feyad confessed that the Ebu El Welid cell had killed a Syrian refugee named Ala Ehmed in February. Hussam Feyad also admitted that they have prepared more than 107 intelligence reports about the officers of the Autonomous Administration, the security forces providing the camp security, and the camp council employees charged with the service works.

“We were receiving the information and orders through Ebu El Welid. As far as I know, the person named El Cerrah gives the orders for the killings. He is one of ISIS cell officers in Cizre,” Husam Feyad said.

According to Husam Feyad, Ebu Ekrem and Ebu El Welid cells were gathering information and killing refugees inside the camp.