ISIS mercenary in charge of Hol Camp captured by Anti-Terrorist Units

Abu Xalid was in charge of Hol Camp for ISIS. He was captured during the ‘Humanitarian and Security Operation’ carried out by Anti-Terrorist Units (YAT) of the Internal Security Forces. He confessed that they were making ISIS propaganda inside the camp.

As a result of the confessions of Qusey Mihemed (Ebû Gerar), the ISIS number two in Hol camp, who was captured by the Anti-Terrorist Units (YAT) in the operation carried out in the camp last Monday, Ehmed Xaşi (Abu Xalid), the ISIS man in charge of the camp, was captured.

ANHA news agency was able to talk to Ehmed Xaşi (Abu Xalid) about the activities ISIS organised in Hol Camp.

Who is Ehmed Xaşi (Abu Xalid)?

He was born in 1992 in Enbar province of Iraq. Abu Xalid got to know ISIS when it was been established in Enbar and joined the organization in 2014.

How did he arrive in Hol Camp?

When the Iraqi Government advanced towards Enbar Province in 2016, Abu Xalid and other ISIS mercenaries settled in the city of Qaêm, close to the Iraqi-Syrian border, with their families. When the Iraqi Government and Hashd al-Shaabi forces took the city of Qaêm in 2018, Aby Xalid fled to the town of Shefa in Dêir Ez-zor.

When SDF forces organized an operation against Hecin and Baghouz, Abu Xalid and his family settled in Hol Camp as Iraqi refugees on 28 February 2019.

What did he do in the camp?

Abu Xalid was responsible for distributing zakat and aid to ISIS families inside the camp. The incoming aid was sent by a person known as al-Cerrah, who is responsible for ISIS families.

How did he become the man in charge of the camp?

Abu Gerar al-Iraqî, the ISIS man in charge of the camp, was dismissed in August 2019 for allegedly stealing money from ISIS families and Abu Xalid was chosen to replace him.

Since that day, Abu Xalid established his security and military cells. He also established relations with al-Cerrah and began to meet the needs of ISIS families. Abu Xalid worked with Abu Zaynab and Abu Hamza.

What is the purpose of organising people in Hol Camp?

Abu Xalid said the following about ISIS's assignment to him: "The primary goal is to prevent the dissolution of the idea of ​​ISIS. Then ISIS families had to be protected and their children raised. That's why two groups were formed. A group was meeting the needs of families and distributing money. The other group was dealing with security. They were also carrying out trials and executions on behalf of ISIS."

60,000 people from Syria, Iraq and different countries live in Hol Camp. ISIS wants to organize inside the camp and take action again. There have been 47 murders inside the camp since the beginning of this year alone.

Why the killings?

Abu Xalid said the following about the murders committed in the camp: “We were killing those who had contacts with the Internal Security Forces and the camp authorities, those who diverted from ISIS's thoughts. First, different methods were used for the killings. However, in recent times we resorted to fire arms.

Different weapons used

Regarding the punishment of those who diverted from the idea of ISIS, Abu Xalid said: “First of all, we used tools such as knives and hammers. Later we used fire arms with silencers. These weapons were reaching us with water tanks.”

SDF forces liberated the last piece of land held by ISIS mercenaries on 23 March 2019. The SDF caught thousands of ISIS members as part of the operation to free Baghouz. Approximately 45,000 ISIS members and their families are staying in Hol Camp.