Jazira and Deir Ez-Zor tribes: We declare permanent mobilisation

Condemning the invasion carried out by Turkey, the tribes in the Jazira and Deir Ez-zor regions said: "Together with our youth, we, Arab tribes, declare mobilization to protect our lands."

The tribes in Jazir and Deir Ez-zor issued a press statement regarding the Turkish invasion.

The press conference was held in front of the SDF Martyr Brusk Academy in Shedade, Hesekê canton. The statement was read by the co-chair of the Jazira District Tribal Assembly Silêman Derwîş.

"The SDF rescued all peoples and regions, Kurds, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Yazidis from ISIS terrorism and today they resist against Turkey's heavy attacks. These attacks carried out by the Turkish state are not accepted by the Syrian Arab tribes as they will lead to the revival of ISIS."

Derwîş added: "Jazira and Deir Ez-zor tribes condemn the ongoing military attacks and call on the international community to find a political solution and stop the attacks. Together with our youth, as Arab tribes, we declare mobilization to protect our lands."

The tribal leader ended his remarsk by calling "on the United Nations Security Council and the international community to come out of their silence and to prevent the ethnic genocide attacks Erdogan wants to carry out in Northern and Eastern Syria."