Jazira Region Yazidi House rescues Yazidi girl in Hol Camp

With the support of the Internal Security Forces, the Jazira Region Yazidi House rescued a Yazidi girl named Rosita Hecî Baco in Hol camp.

Rosita Hecî Baco said that she would go to Shengal and live with her family in Til Qeseb.

The Jazira Region Yazidi House made a statement on the rescue of a Yazidi woman called Rosîta Hecî Baco and conveyed the details of the liberation process.

The statement said: “With the cooperation of the Asayish forces in Hol camp, we were able to rescue a Yazidi woman called Rosîta Hecî Baco, who was kidnapped and held hostage by ISIS mercenaries in Shengal. Rosîta Hecî Baco, who has been in Hol camp since the time the SDF forces liberated Baghouz, had not been able to speak out for fear of being punished.

Rosîta Hecî Baco was born in 2006 in the Til Qeseb region of Shengal. She was captured with her family while she was trying to take shelter on Shengal Mountain with her family after ISIS mercenaries attacked Shengal. The mercenaries massacred her father and family and took the women captive. Rosita's mother took her own life to avoid being captured by the mercenaries.

Rosîta Hecî Baco said that she would go to Shengal and live with her cousins in Til Qeseb.

The Yazidi House of the Jazira Region would like to express our thanks to the Asayish administration and Hol Camp administrators, who worked hard for the liberation of Rosîta.”