Kevana Zêrîn Afrin announces new cultural activities

Kevana Zêrîn Movement in Afrin has started its activities again.

Kevana Zêrîn Movement had decided to stop its work due to the coronavirus outbreak, however with as a new normalization is slowly coming into be, a few days ago the movement announced that its "Keeping the traditions" activity has begun again.

Kevana Zêrîn has re-accelerated its organizational work in the Afrin Canton and shot a new clip called “Gundê Me” (My Village).

Speaking to ANHA about their work, Günay Mustafa, one of the executives of the Kevana Zêrîn Movement, said: “We could not be in the areas for a while due to the coronavirus epidemic. A few days ago we restarted our "Keeping the traditions" event. With this event, we aim to prevent the loss of Afrin's local cultures. Every place has a unique culture. These cultures are mostly carried by mothers. "Keeping the traditions alive" is also aimed at mothers. We reserve one day of each month to this activity. We will continue to work with a more intense agenda in the coming days. "The aim of the Kevana Zêrîn Movement is to raise the morale of the society."