Kobanê Hospital: Those injured by Turkish attack are recovering

The Kobanê Hospital administration announced that the citizens who were injured following a bombing of the Turkish army and its mercenaries are in good condition and will be soon discharged from the hospital.

The Kobanê Hospital administration released a statement concerning the health status of the citizens who were injured in the attacks of the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries against Kobanê last week.

The hospital administration said that 7 citizens were treated and discharged quickly, and 4 others remain in the hospital for further treatment. A citizen named Besne Henîfî was first sent to Raqqa and later to Qamishlo for treatment.

The Kobanê Hospital administration stated that a child named Ebdo Mistefa Henîfî who lost one of his legs in the Turkish attack is recovering and 3 of those injured will be discharged in a few days.

Doctor Bextiyar Mûderês said that the condition of some of the injured citizens was serious when they were first brought to the hospital.

Mûderês noted that all the health workers in the hospital worked hard for a quick treatment of the injured who -he added- can continue their treatment at home after the final examinations.