Kobane people protesting Turkish patrol attacked with gunfire

Reports of casualties and injuries as result of an attack against local people protesting Turkish-Russian patrol in Kobanê.

Turkish army forces and the Russian military police have gone on a joint patrol mission in the east of the Kobanê city on Tuesday. People of Kobane stoned the armored vehicles on patrol, saying that they do not want the convoy joined by Turkish occupation forces on their land.

The protesting residents were targeted by gunfire opened from the convoy, resulting in casualties and injuries, according to initial reports. Further details were not immediately available.

Turkish soldiers also opened fire on a vehicle of Kurdish press workers from Jin TV and Ronahi TV. While Jin TV reporter Zozan Remedan Berkel was wounded, the vehicle was heavily damaged.

Yesterday, a convoy of the Russian and Turkish military patrol in the west of Dirbêsiyê was stoned by local residents.

Last Friday, a Turkish-Russian military convoy patrolling in the canton of Qamishlo between Girkê Legê and Dêrik was attacked by angry people with stones. A young man, Serxwebûn Ali, was killed during the protests and five others were injured.

Earlier, on 5 November, a patrol had been received in Kobanê with stones.