Kobane youth: Kurdish people should unite against attacks

The Euphrates Region Revolutionary Youth Movement voiced reaction to the invasion attacks on South Kurdistan and the isolation imposed on the Leader Öcalan. The youth stressed that Kurdish people should unite against the attacks.

The invasion attacks launched by the occupant Turkish state against South Kurdistan (Bashur) three months ago and the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan continue. On the other side, People’s Defense Forces (HPG) and Free Women’s Troops (YJA Star) guerrillas have been waging historic resistance against the attacks. According to HPG’s balance sheet, in the last 3 months, 494 soldiers were killed and 398 operations were conducted by the guerrilla forces.

‘Everyone should be cautious’

The Revolutionary Youth in Kobane voiced reaction to the Turkish state’s attacks and the isolation imposed on the Leader Öcalan, expressing that they stand with the HPG’s resistance, and the isolation should be lifted immediately. Indicating the Turkish state’s main purpose as the genocide of Kurdish people, the youth called on everyone to be cautious and stand against the attacks and isolation.

Hebun Mihemed of the Euphrates Region Revolutionary Youth Movement, said, “We, as Kurdish people, should never remain silent against the Turkish state’s attacks on Kurdistan mountains. This war seeks the genocide of Kurdish people and the guerrillas. We should support the guerrillas who fight to defend Kurdish people.”

Pointing out the Turkish state’s multiple purposes, Hebun Mihemed remarked that the invading Turkish state intends to sow discord among Kurdish people and called on all citizens to be cautious against such schemes.

Hebun Mihemed expressed that political parties in South Kurdistan should enhance the dialogue with political parties in other parts of Kurdistan and added, “Silence of the political parties in South Kurdistan against the attacks is contrary to Kurdish people’s interests. The Turkish state intends to smash Kurdistan. It considers that only in such a way can it control Kurdish people.”

‘They seek the genocide of Kurdish people’

Likewise, İbrahim Ehmed, a member of Kobane Revolutionary Youth Movement, said, “Kurdish people should unite in all four parts of Kurdistan. Not only the Turkish state intends to slaughter Kurdish people; multiple international forces also have a finger in the attacks targeting the Kurds. If Kurdish people want to achieve their rights, the national unity should be built urgently.”

“All Kurds should struggle for their language, culture and history. The Turkish state intends to blemish the history of Kurdish people and reign over our lands. We, as Kurdish people, should stand with the guerrilla. Only in this way can we stop the invasion attacks” added İbrahim Ehmed.

‘Defeat in Gare became the turning point’

Mihemed Mehmud, member of Euphrates Region Revolutionary Movement, condemned the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Öcalan and said, “The Turkish state, through the isolation imposed on leader Öcalan, aims to break willpower of Kurdish people and interrupt the dialogue between people and the leader Öcalan. Recently, Turkey has aggravated the isolation. This is one of the consequences of the Turkish state’s defeat in Gare. The Turkish army’s attacks ongoing for 3 months and the isolation in Imralı have been conducted by the same mentality. They mainly seek for the genocide of Kurdish people.”