Kongreya Star releases report on Turkish attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria

Kongreya Star has released a report on the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria carried out by Turkey and its mercenaries.

In a report on the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria carried out by Turkey and its mercenaries, Kongreya Star wrote that “in the last days, Turkey intensified its attacks on North and East Syria. The attacks targeted villages, a school, civilians, women, children and members of legitimate self-defense forces. For years, the Turkish state has launched several occupation offensives in the area of North and East Syria, as well as a series of attacks against Shengal, the home of the Yezidi people.”

Kongreya Star underlined that “the Turkish state wants to destroy the project of self-administration and the achievements of the women’s revolution. These attacks are as well aimed to expand Turkish territory and to continue the genocidal politics towards the local population. Turkish violations and crimes have continued throughout its occupation of Jarablus, Al-Bab, Azaz and Afrin, to Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) and Girê Spî (Tal Abyad).”

Kongreya Star said that, as the anniversary of the 9 October 2019 attacks on Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî is approaching, “the Turkish state once again increased its attacks on North and East Syria. Despite the commitment of the Syrian Democratic Forces in North and East Syria to honour the ceasefire in the region, the Turkish state has failed to uphold this threat. On the contrary, it has increased its attacks on the region in general and the areas to the east of the Euphrates in particular.” The report details the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria that took place over a two-week period, till 23 August, and underlined the recent increase of the attacks against civilian population at the border. The Turkish army has been abducting and torturing civilians.

The overview of the attacks provided by Kongreya Star in its report is as follows:

“-2 children and 1 woman killed by artillery fire

-At least 19 civilians were wounded by artillery fire

-4 drone strikes

-5 members of legitimate self-defense forces got killed and 1 wounded

-2 administrative workers of the House of Wounded got injured

-About 30 villages and city were hit by Turkey or Turkish Mercenaries, causing many people to flee

-About 39 civilians got abducted in Afrin by Turkish mercenaries and Turkish Intelligence Service

-At least 34 people fled occupied Afrin and found refugee in Shehba canton

-9 people got abducted and heavily tortured at the border, at least 7 of them children

-1 person got killed by torture by Turkish soldiers

-1 child and 1 woman got raped by Turkish soldiers after trying to cross the border”