Kongreya Star spokesperson: Killing a pregnant woman is the most despicable crime

Condemning the murder of a pregnant woman in occupied Afrin by the invading Turkish state intelligence, Kongreya Star Spokesperson Remziye Mihemed said: "This crime is the highest level of atrocities committed by the Turkish state."

In occupied Afrin, a pregnant woman named Nemet Behcet Şêxo (32) was tortured and murdered in the prison run by the invading Turkish state intelligence.

Commenting on the issue, Kongreya Star Spokesperson Remziye Mihemed told ANHA that since the occupation of Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, inhumane attacks, especially against women, have increased.

Remziye Mihemed, said that the people who escaped from the prisons in the regions occupied by the invading Turkish state and their mercenaries are suffering from various diseases and experience heavy psychological traumas. “This crime is the highest level of brutality committed by the Turkish state. While a 6-month pregnant woman is brutally murdered, the Turkish state is making calls in the name of Islam, but at the same time it is committing such atrocities against the people."

Remziye Mihemed noted that Turkey wants to send a message to women who are the leading force of the Rojava revolution through the women of Afrin. "Turkey wants to tell women that if they rebel, they will subdue and destroy them. The Turkish state and its mercenaries commit crimes every day and they want to establish their own system in Afrin. No matter how much violence they use against us, our society knows that our revolution will save it from occupation."

Remziye Mihemed said that as in all regions of Northern and Eastern Syria, women want to get rid of this occupation.

Condemning the murder of Nemet Behcet Şêxo, Remziye Mihemed called on human rights organizations and international institutions to raise their voices against women's violence. "Let the international organisations open their eyes to such incidents and stop to the invasion of the Turkish state.”