‘Kurds should build national unity against the genocidal fascism’

Gule Mihemed, member of Kongreya Star, pointed out the crimes committed in Afrin by the Turkish state, and stated that women have been recording all these crimes and will never accept such an atrocity.


Gule Mihemed, a member of the North-East Syrian women’s umbrella organisation Kongreya Star, pointed out women’s organised state before the occupation of Afrin and said, “Afrin used to be known for women’s willpower for self-organisation after the revolution. With their institutions and organisations, women had a pioneer role in democratic society. They bore freewill and were organised in every field. Thus, these women posed a great threat against the Turkish state and its partners.”

‘Turkey’s crimes target all Kurds, especially women’

Speaking to ANHA, Mihemed expressed that the crimes committed in Afrin aim to break the willpower of women, and continued, “These crimes target all the Kurds and especially women. Human conscience cannot consent to any of these crimes. Still, human rights organisations unfortunately remain silent against the Turkish state’s crimes. We have been documenting all the crimes committed against women which we will never meet with silence. Till the end, we will organise and enhance our struggle until our comrades in the dungeons of the gang groups and the Turkish state are freed.”

‘ENKS is an accomplice to these crimes’

Pointing out the collaboration of some members of the so-called Kurdish National Council ENKS with the Turkish state, Gule Mihemed continued, “These people, who collaborate with the Turkish state, are selling their honour. They also had a finger in the invasion of Afrin. Now, despite all crimes committed with their support, they say, ‘Afrin is peaceful, let Afrin people return to their homes’. Does ENKS pay attention to any interest of the Kurdish people? So, who can ever call them Kurds? Can Kurdish unity be achieved with these people?”

‘Kurds should organise based on the Democratic Nation project’

Gule Mihemed stressed that the Kurds should build their unity against hegemonic forces, saying, “Hegemonic forces, through the Turkish state and its partners, implement fascist and genocidal policies against the achievements in Kurdistan; they do not want the Kurdish people accomplish any success in this century. The Kurds should organise basing on the Democratic Nation project so that they can ensure their freedom in this century.”

Indicating the crimes of the Turkish state and allied gangs, Gule Mihemed lastly said, “Let us organise and enhance our struggle. Only this way can we defeat the Turkish state’s persecution and its fascism.”