Manbij Civil Society Organizations Administration formed

The Manbij Civil Society Organizations Administration was founded after the meeting representatives from civic society organizations held in Manbij.

The civil society organizations in Manbij held their first joint meeting yesterday. The meeting was held in the Manbij Sports Club Hall with representatives from civil society organizations in the city. Banners read, “Civil society organizations are the foundation of democracy,” and “Civil society organizations are the guarantee for social justice”.

The meeting started with a minute’s silence. Manbij Democratic Autonomous Administration Advisor Cahid Hesen gave a speech and said: “The tyranny the hegemonic system has imposed upon society is the main reason for the war and the destruction. Because the system reifies itself through submission by society and infighting. The civil society organizations formed by the new society reject the nation-state, the oppression and the hegemony.”

Manbij Civil Society Organizations Administration’s bylaws were read aloud in the meeting after the assessments. The administration’s logo and bylaws were voted on and passed. The Civil Society Organizations Administration was founded by the end of the meeting with 7 members.