Manbij in the sights of the occupation forces

The northern Syrian city of Manbij is permanently in the sights of the occupation troops. The villages in the surrounding area are attacked daily by Turkish-backed mercenaries with artillery shells.

The Turkish state's attacks on northern and eastern Syria are taking on increasingly violent dimensions. During the reign of the Islamic State (IS), Manbij was the hub for the logistical supply of the self-proclaimed caliphate from Turkey. Therefore, the liberation of the city has always been a particular thorn in the side of the AKP/MHP regime. From the very beginning, the self-governing city was exposed to attacks by the IS and other sleeper cells mobilized by Turkey, and the region is bombarded with artillery shells by the mercenaries of the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA).

While there are repeated attacks in the city center, the villages in particular are affected by artillery fire. One of these villages is Hoşeriyê, located about 22 kilometers north of Manbij. The inhabitants report constant attacks. Neither the Turkish army nor the SNA mercenaries make a distinction between civilian and military targets. The aim of the attacks is to intimidate and expel the population. Hisên Hemed from the village told the ANHA news agency that the population is, however, prepared to defend the country "to the last drop of blood".

"We cannot go to our fields due to the attacks"

The region's economy in particular has been hit hard by the attacks. It is life-threatening for farmers to cultivate their fields. On the one hand, they are constantly being bombarded, on the other hand, the fields are now littered with unexploded ordnance, which poses a permanent threat to life.

Mala Yusuf Semio, who lives about one kilometer away from the occupied territories, says; "Due to the mercenaries' brutal attacks, we can no longer cultivate our fields. The majority of the farmers had to stop cultivating the fields because of the attacks".

Hisen al-Alawi from the Manbij Military Council tells that the Turkish army opens fire on the positions of the Military Council fighters daily. The militias repeatedly try to infiltrate Manbij as well. Turkish fighter jets regularly fly over the region to support the mercenaries.”