Manbij Military Council spokesperson calls on international community to speak out against Turkey

Manbij Military Council spokesperson stated that the silence of the international community encourages the invading Turkish state to continue to carry out crimes.

The invading Turkish state, which increased its attacks on the northern and western countryside of Manbij, targeted villages and civilians with rockets and mortars.

The villages of Dandaliya, El-Toxar, Erîma, El-Hoşeriye, El-Fewarês, Çiyayê El-Seyada, hamlet El-Dilwan, and Yasîn El-Ereb were targeted.

The Turkish state has inflicted great damage on civilian areas, causing damage to the cultivation areas and olive trees. A woman in the village of El-Masi was injured in the foot as a result of the attacks and suffered permanent damage.

Manbij Military Council spokesperson, Şererfan Derwîş, told ANHA that 211 rockets were fired against villages.

Derwîş pointed out that the bombing was not new, and that the invading Turkish state has continued its attacks since Manbij was liberated from ISIS terrorism.

Criticizing the silence of the international community about the crimes committed by the invading Turkish state, Şererfan Derwîş said: “The international silence encourages the invading Turkish state to increase its attacks against our people and forces. This is against all values. The international community should speak out against Turkey's attacks."